vSphere Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) cheat sheet

Path to UMDS executable: %SystemDrive%/Program Files (x86)/VMware/Infrastructure/Update Manager/

vmware-umds.exe -H    #show help
vmware-umds.exe – G   #get current UMDS configuration
vmware-umds.exe –list-host-platforms   #list all supported ESXi platforms and downloads
vmware-umds.exe –set-config –patch-store <path to location>    # change patch repository location *
vmware-umds.exe –export-store <path to location>   # destination directory for export operation
vmware-umds.exe -S -d <package_1> <package_n> #delete package from download repository
vmware-umds.exe -S –enable-va   #enable virtual appliances in repository
vmware-umds.exe -S –disable-va  #disable virtual appliances from repository
vmware-umds.exe -D   # start download based on current configuration

* Note, if patch download location change needed:– already downloaded patches need to be copied over to new location
– the folder must be local folder on the server where UMDS is installed


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